Forms of Payment:

The user uses the system how many times he wants and he only pays for the service when he recharges the button in the authorized stations. The value, stipulated by the government of the city, is flexible and it can vary in agreement with the parking place, the days and schedules. The shedule of operation of the authorized stations is compatible to the parking schedule ( Business hours ). The user at any moment can obtain a detailed extract of all your operations containing: date, place, hour of entrance and exit, collected value, credits and debits. It is the technology providing more comfort to the people.


Forms of Supervision:

People highly qualified will inspect the correct parking of the vehicles, usisng a portable terminal that allows to communicate with the headquarters and the access to the information of each parking meter. Thus, they will be in permanent contact with the headquarters, receiving orientations to accomplish a more efficient supervision. These people still do, an important service to the population, informing about the new system and about any accident that can need attendance of ambulances, firemen, police and so on.