Confort, Technology and Exact Payment

Now your city can count with the state of the art in rotative parking of vehicles. TECPARK today is the largest Brazilian administrator of parkings in public roads, responsible for the systems of São Caetano do Sul, Mogí-Guaçu and Maringá. Totaling more than fifteen thousand implemented parking areas and in implementation phase. The technology of the new Electronic Parking Meters not only helps turnover parking areas, that means, it helps to create available areas that would otherwise be filled with longer-term parkers, but it allows much more benefits than any other system. The user pays for the exact time that his vehicle remained parked, nor more nor less. The system still supplies an absolute control in real time of the use of the parking areas and of the financial movement. Get to know the Electronic Parking Meters of TECPARK and give your city the best technology in urban planning.
































The user parks the vehicle comfartably in the demarcated and numbered parking areas.


The user goes to the clesest parking meter of the parking area and then press the button in the indicated place. Following the instructions which appear on display, the user just need to type the number of the parking space where the vehicle is parked. It is not needed to return to the vehicle.

The typed information arrives immediately to the headoffice that monitors the whole system, thus it is possible to know where and when each vehicle that used the system was parked.


In the exit, it is still easier, the user again should press the button in the same parking meter where he registered the parking. The system will automatically debit the value to be paid in the own button. This value corresponds to the minutes that the vehicle was parked. Thus, the user pays the exact amount for the service.
The system controls a kind of user´s checking account. The user can use this parking how many times he wants until his credit reaches to zero or he used the credit of 2 hours available in the system as debit. When it happens he should come back to the one of the authorized stations to recharge the button. The payment forms can be customized.