Confort, Technology and Exact Payment

Now your city can count with the state of the art in rotative parking of vehicles. TECPARK today is the largest Brazilian administrator of parkings in public roads, responsible for the systems of São Caetano do Sul, Mogí-Guaçu and Maringá. Totaling more than fifteen thousand implemented parking areas and in implementation phase. The technology of the new Electronic Parking Meters not only helps turnover parking areas, that means, it helps to create available areas that would otherwise be filled with longer-term parkers, but it allows much more benefits than any other system. The user pays for the exact time that his vehicle remained parked, nor more nor less. The system still supplies an absolute control in real time of the use of the parking areas and of the financial movement. Get to know the Electronic Parking Meters of TECPARK and give your city the best technology in urban planning.











The rechargeable button brings a larger comfort for the user, it can be adapted to your key holder. It is resistant to water, folds and shocks, presenting a guaranteed durability for 10 years. It has high-speed reading ( 0.05 seconds ), storing the data with safety without possibility of frauds.

The TK3 commercial equipments are used in the authorized stations to recharge the button. * Parking meter:

The parking meters are easy to use, presenting a great similarity with other electronic devices which the user knows so well. The tariff is programmed by a software that allows total flexibility in agreement with the day, the place and the schedules of parking. Everything is done automatically, according to the needs of the city. The installation is simple and it doesn´t need great changes in the sidewalk, respecting the pedestrian´s circulation.